Work should bring pleasure, fun and money!
Andrew Kovalenko
Feel free to contact me, if...
  • you need real professional to lead your development team
  • you need person, who able to design, document and implement for you any application doesn't matter how complex is it
  • you want to improve development process, integrate new methodologies and increase productivity of your dev team
  • you want to build a team of smart, self-motivated developers, who strive to make the product better
  • you need a technical specialist, who able to interview new candidates and hire skilled engineers
  • you want to make development process of your team transparent, flexible and easy manageable
  • you are looking for a strong software engineer
Do not disturb me, if...
  • you have not read my resume
  • you do not know the difference between software developer and brainless zombie-coder
  • you aren't ready or don't want to pay appropriately to a high-skilled professional
  • you are a recruiting agency with a contract job opportunities only
  • you have "exciting job opportunity for me" at the middle of nowhere and there is no chance to work remotely
  • you have no ideas, what time of a day is it now in US